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What Is Hip Hop?

"Brands and politicians, and their advertisers and publicists, dictate discourse in our society, but no matter how much time and money Corporate America invests in co-opting our creation, we'll always be a hundred steps and twenty styles ahead." — AWKWORD of Praverb.net and @PtheWyse [Original full 2-Minute Read commissioned by WhatIsHipHop.com.] ***New Writing*** I answer the

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BOSSIP Exclusive: Rick Ross & Wingstop Announce New Scholarship For Urban Youth

Flynn Dekker_Rick Ross_2

The Wingstop Foundation Will Target Urban Students

Rick Ross revealed he’s behind a new scholarship initiative to combat the high dropout rate among students in big cities.

The Wingstop Foundation will award scholarships to young people from urban areas, as well as Wingstop employees, to pursue higher education. The nonprofit will also make grants to groups working to stop students from dropping out through education and mentoring.

“To me, a company as huge as Wing Stop, we’ve seen so much success doing what we’re doing, let’s take it to the next level,” the bawse told us this week in NYC at the launch of Wing Stop’s online clothing and accessories store, Wingshop. “Let’s make ourselves that much more a part of the community.”

High school graduation rates for low-income students are 74.6 percent, 14 percentage points lower than their non-low income peers, who graduate at a rate of 89 percent, according to the education advocacy nonprofit Grad Nation. And the high school drop out rate for urban youth now stands at 54 percent.

Wingshop_Rick Ross

Ross – who owns several Wingstop franchises across the country – told us that he felt that the most meaningful way the company could give back was through education.

“We see the drop out rates,” he said. “We know what’s going on. So what’s the biggest thing that we could do? Wingstop as a company came together and put together an urban scholarship that’s for the underprivileged, that’s educationally based. That’s me talking to my audience. We need to hear this, and we need to bring all these ideas and concepts to the table and start as soon as possible.”

The Wingstop Foundation will officially launch later this year.

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Drake – 6PM In New York (Tyga Diss)


Drake continues his AM series (well I guess it’s the AM PM series now) with a new one entitled “6PM In New York” which is the bonus track on his new  If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late album.

On this latest one though, things are a little different, being that he’s going at someone on this one. No just anyone either but his former label mate Tyga.

Check it out.

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