Dancery Moves: Lil Kim’s Crispy Robo-Shimmee Sparks Hilarious Meme Wave

Lil Kim’s Hip-Hop Honors performance Is Breaking Twitter

Everyone’s STILL buzzing (pun intended) over Queen Bee Liddo Kimmy’s unforgettable Hip-Hop Honors performance where she hit us with a crispy robo-shimmee that shattered the internet and sparked the latest hilarious meme wave across the internet.

Peep the hilarious Lil Kim meme wave on the flip.

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How You Doinnnn’ Hater: Tiny Denies Wendy Williams’ Claims That T.I. Wears Lift In His Shoes

Christopher Peterson/Splash News/Getty Images


Tiny Defends T.I. From Wendy Williams

Tiny Harris saw that petty spat between her estranged husband and a talk show host and she’s got something to say. The Xscape songstress recently appeared on V-103’s Ryan Cameron Morning Show With Wanda Smith alongside her bandmates.

While there, she was asked to speak on the brief feud between Tip and Wendy Williams who blasted him for wearing “lifts” in shoes to help his short stature after he spoke on her bikini photos.

According to Tiny, there’s simply no reason for Tip to try to be taller because he already “thinks he’s the man.”

“No, the man doesn’t really care about being tall. He is who he is…I’ve never seen it. I’ve been with the man for 16 years. He must be hiding them from me.”

“He think he the man,” she added. “He don’t care if he’s this height or this height.”

Tiny and Xscape will appear on Wendy Williams Friday ahead of their tour and Tiny’s adamant that she wants no part of the T.I. VS Wendy beef.

“I just want you to leave me out of it,” said Tiny. “I have nothing to do with it, but just leave me out of it. Leave me out of it. I’m not in it.”

How you doinnnnn Wendy?

What do you think about Tiny defending Tip???

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3 Unexpected Ways to Book Your Next Show

shutterstock_588763775.jpgPhoto by hurricanehank via Shutterstock

We all know the tried-and-true techniques of booking shows, but what about the unconventional? What about the weird and unusual ways that bands have secured gigs? When you’re feeling stuck or a little bored with the same ol’, same ‘ol, try out some of these unusual, but successful, tactics.

1. Try creative marketing

One of the best stories I’ve heard about unconventional booking is a classic case of creative marketing where the band put the venue owner’s needs ahead of their own and, as a result, not only successfully booked the show but had an incredible turn out and response.

Here’s what happened: The band told the venue owner they’d buy a keg of beer and give it to their fans for free. It was guaranteed to get a ton of people in the door, while giving the bar a hefty advance in alcohol sales. By the end of the night, they’d made back way more than the cost of the keg in merch sales alone.

Their success came from a combination of knowing what their fans and many live music attendees like (free beer), while keeping in mind the needs of the venue owner who has the ultimate goal of bringing in revenue for his business (pre-bought keg), and as a result, they created a win-win scenario for themselves. It’s all about thinking about the needs of others, meeting them, and in turn creating success for yourself.

2. Create an entire experience

What comes to mind when you think of booking your next show? It’s likely a variation on emailing the venue/promoter and hoping for the best. But there are a lot of different ways to put on a show, and as I outlined in the last point, the more creative the better.

Established clubs are great for a built-in audience, but they aren’t the only option. You can throw house shows or play parties, festivals, local events, or get really clever with a custom experience made exclusively for fans.

“My folk duo (The Tide Rose) had our EP release show take place on a canal cruise in Richmond, VA," says Whitney Caroline. "It was an idea that came to mind as we were recording the music, which is inspired by the ocean. The boat held 35 people, so we rented the boat as a private charter and sold tickets. Our first show sold out! We had snacks on the boat and gave each of our guests a souvenir with a tiny red rose, sand, and a small note that said, 'Thank you for sailing with us!' Guests took a lot of pictures and some videos. It was an absolute blast!”

Creating a one-of-a-kind experience for fans doesn’t have to fall into the hands of someone else. Get a little creative, be a little bold, and you can book your own unique show for your fans.

3. Unleash the power of social media

Social media is an incredibly useful tool. You know this. It’s already such a powerful way to connect with new fans, but have you been using it to connect with other musicians, promoters, venue owners, etc. both in your city and in the cities you hope to one day tour?

There’s a multitude of ways to incorporate social media into your booking routine, including networking in your city’s music-centric groups (the YEP Nashville group comes to mind), or using social media to find bands in certain cities, getting to know them, and securing a spot on each other’s bills. It’s important to note that this tactic should not be harassing venues or promoters through Facebook or just messaging a band about what you want from them. It’s about using the power of social media, Facebook groups, and online communities to create, grow, and nurture genuine relationships.

Through getting to know other musicians, promoters, and venue owners on the platforms you’re already frequenting, you’re increasing your odds of booking success down the road.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with it! Cover a local artist’s songs, tag them in your promotion, and get to know them. A little flattery never hurt anyone!


Next up: The Best Way to Approach a Venue for a Gig


Angela Mastrogiacomo is the founder and CEO of Muddy Paw PR and Infectious Magazine, as well as a public relations coach. She loves baked goods, a good book, and hanging with her dog, Sawyer.

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