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The Most Horrible Things That Have Happened in Stephen King Novels

In case you didn't know, Stephen King writes horror stories, and his novels contain a lot of awful events described in great detail. There's pain and suffering without a lot of joy in his books. With the abundance of violence and nightmarish scenarios in Stephen King books, fans have no shortage of literary demons.

From little kids having their arms bitten off by clowns to attempted human sacrifices in the supermarket, there's something terrifying for anyone and everyone. King's use of violence is often sickening and enthralling at the same time. It disgusts you as a reader, but you can't look away, and that's what makes King one of the best writers ever.

Check out the list below to relive some of the horrible things in Stephen King novels, and maybe you'll walk away from this list feeling slightly more traumatized.

The Most Horrible Things That Have Happened in Stephen King Novels

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RHOA Season 10 Trailer: NeNe vs. Porsha, Kenya vs. Kim, Plus the Ladies Grill Cynthia & Sheree Over Their New Baes

The ladies of Atlanta are back! Bravo has released the first look at season 10 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and it looks fire! Even Sheree Whitfield can’t believe the drama. “Oh my God! Oh, this is getting’ juicy!” she exclaims in the trailer.

As expected, Sheree, Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss, and Porsha Williams are all returning. Original cast member NeNe Leaks has replaced a fired Phaedra Parks as a full-time “housewife” and fellow OG Kim Zolciak-Biermann will briefly return as a “friend” to the ladies.

The ladies are still dealing with the fallout over Phaedra’s lies about Kandi from last season and Porsha’s role in the debacle. “Once I don’t f*ck with you, I don’t f*ck with you,” Kandi says of Porsha.

Shockingly, however, it’s NeNe who has Kandi’s back and goes after Porsha the hardest. “You deserve some discipline for what you did to Kandi,” she yells at Porsha, who she also calls a “big ass mother f**king liar.” Porsha shoots back with a “f*ck you” of her own to NeNe.

The second major conflict seems to be between Kenya and Kim. It was reported in July that these two got into it, but now we get to see what really went down. Kim threw the first shot by questioning the legitimacy of Kenya’s surprise marriage to Marc Daily, even calling him a “fan.”

“Worry about pimping your daughter out, b*tch,” Kenya responded, referring to Kim’s eldest daughter, Brielle.

Kenya’s relationship isn’t the only one that gets the women talking. Cynthia also introduced the group to her new boo, Will Jones, but Kenya seems to think he’s still sleeping with other women.

And on top of that Cynthia’s ex-husband, Peter Thomas, isn’t quite ready to let go, telling the Atlanta husbands, “Cynthia and I will get back together.”

Meanwhile, a call from an inmate in federal prison got everybody wanting to know what’s up with Sheree’s love life. We reported in August that she was dating (and possibly married to) Tyrone Gilliams, a man currently serving a 10-year sentence for fraud.

NeNe calls Gilliams a con-artist. “I hope he doesn’t con her out of Chateau Sheree,” Kandi adds.

Other notable moments from the trailer include: a health scare for NeNe’s husband Greg Leakes, Kim insinuating NeNe may have a substance abuse problem, and Kenya dialing 911 to make a report.

Porsha also asks if Kim is her new “frack,” while ladies wonder if Kenya really is Cynthia’s best friend. Oh, and apparently Porsha is a “baby vegan” (but still eating meat).

Season 10 of Real Housewives of Atlanta premieres Nov. 5 on Bravo.

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Ras Kass – “Pyramid Schemes” Ft. Coast Contra (Prod. By Apathy)

West Coast Hip Hop legend and the GOAT himself, Ras Kass joins forces with his twin sons recently formed Hip Hop group Coast Contra (Ras Austin, Taj Austin, Rioloz & Eric Jamal) to release this exclusive new single titled “Pyramid Schemes” produced by underground Hip Hop heavyweight Apathy.  Available exclusively for download on Bandcamp.

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Mecca:83 Goes All Out in Life Sketches Vol.3

By xplizitsouljah Word Is Bond

Manchester based producer Mecca:83 delivers the third and final instalment in his Life Sketches series. If you were up on game on the first two volumes then you should know what to expect from the third cut. Mecca:83 aka Rise (his alter ego) is known for being active with the beats as that is his forte and he brings this to bear heavily on this project Life Sketches Vol.3. This time around,  Mecca is joined by the likes of Grap Luva (younger brother of the legendary Pete Rock), Von Pea of Tanya Morgan, Buscrates 16-bit Ensemble and Hanbook to name a few providing vocals on the lush beats. You can definitely say Mecca went all out on this one probably because it is the final instalment. Low swung beats, deep fender rhodes and live instrumentations are the ingredients used to put the whole project together. The taste of the offering is in the listening.


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Ten Tips for Firearm Safety at Home

Firearm Safety

Firearm safety is an ongoing concern for gun owners. While guns are an excellent tool for self-defense against home invasions, it’s important that all family members are on the same page when it comes to safety. What follows are ten tips for maintaining firearm safety at home.

Keep Firearms Locked

Use a firearms locker, safe, vault or storage case when they’re not in use and make sure no one has access to them without your permission, including children and visitors to your home. This is the easiest way to ensure everyone’s safety.

Store Ammunition Separate from Firearms

Storing ammo separate from firearms is smart because then guns can’t go off unexpectedly and hurt someone if the trigger is accidentally pressed. However, many gun owners choose to keep ammo loaded in a magazine and the full magazine placed next to the firearm so it can be loaded quickly if there’s an immediate threat.

Keep the Muzzle Pointed in Safe Direction

Even while handling a gun or cleaning it, users should always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. A safe direction is an all-encompassing term, meaning that if the gun were to accidentally discharge, it wouldn’t result in injury.

Educate Young Members of Your Family

Help children understand safety guidelines surroundng firearms. Make sure they understand that guns are not a toy, and if they ever find one unattended, to not touch it and tell an adult right away.

Keep Firearms Unloaded

When they’re not in use, firearms should remain unloaded. This prevents accidental discharges.

Take Additional Precautions

Some gun locks make a firearm inoperable when not in use unless the lock is unlocked with a key. This is an extra precaution to ensure firearms are not accessed by unauthorized persons. Keep the key to the gun lock in safe place that only authorized people can access.

 Inform Yourself

Whether you’re shopping for 22LR ammo for sale or a new handgun, it’s important to inform yourself of how your new equipment works. Read the manual it comes with, make sure you know how to safely open and close the action, as well as how to remove the ammo and magazines safely. Not every firearm is created equal, and certain models or brands may have different mechanisms for operation.

Manage Your Trigger Finger

This one sounds like a no-brainer for seasoned firearm owners, but it’s one that’s also easy to forget. Your finger should only be on the trigger when you intend to fire. If you’re not intending to fire, your finger should be outside of the trigger area and instead sit flat and parallel to the gun’s body.

Ammo Storage

Bulk ammo should be stored separately from firearms whenever possible, ideally in a locked location. For long-term storage of enormous amounts of ammo, use an ammo box or can. Ammo should always be stored in a dry place to prevent it from getting wet.

Match Ammo Appropriately to the Weapon

Certain types of ammo aren’t made for certain weapons. Ensure that the ammo you have is suitable for your firearm and won’t damage the rifling or not be able to handle appropriate amounts of pressure.


When you keep these tips in mind, you can ensure everyone in your home uses firearms responsibly and safely.

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