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LARS – “Last American Rock Stars” (Album Review)

After signing to Majik Ninja Entertainment in August of 2016 & dropping a free prelude mixtape called Foul World on Devils Night of that same year, Detroit horrorcore duo LARS is now dropping their full-length debut. After a 1 minute intro, we then get into the first song “Stomp”. Here, King Gordy & Bizarre both talk about fucking people up over an eerie beat. The track “Just Got Out the County” with Fury talks about them getting arrested for doing wild shit over a menacing beat, but the hook is kinda annoying. The song “Cocaine in Miami” talks about partying in Miami over a smooth beat with some synths & the “LARS Spangled Banner” interlude sees Gordy doing his own rendition of the United States National Anthem, but it’s just so mediocre. The track “Lit” is a club banger with a trippy trap beat & the song “California” talks about going to Cali to ease their minds over a rap rock beat.

The track “Rock n Roll” with Majik Ninja founders Twiztid talks about how wild they are over a grimy beat from LARS’ DJ & honorary third member Foul Mouth. The song “Suicide” has an eerie soul sample all over it & Gordy has some funny ass lines during his verse near the end, but the first verse from Bizarre didn’t really do much. The “Moshitup” interpolation during the hook wasn’t too surprising, but I liked it generally. The track “Ganja Man” is a reggae inflicted weed song, but it’s just ok. The song “No Lights” talks about their early life in the ghetto over some smooth bass & some keys. While endearing, the reference to The Pharcyde’s “Passin’ Me By” during the hook is also pretty decent. The penultimate track “Start a War” with G-Mo SkeeTrizz & Twista gets confrontational over an explosive trap beat & the closer “I Believe I Can Fly” gets motivational over a beautiful piano instrumental from Mr. Porter.

As a whole, this is one of the best releases in both King Gordy & Bizarre’s catalogues. Sure there are some weak moments, but it’s more refined than the prelude tape from the production to the duo’s performances & their ever so natural chemistry. I’ll say it here like I did in my Foul World review, but here’s to hopefully some solo albums from both members because they fit with Majik Ninja very very well

Score: 8/10

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What do Fleet Owners Think about Telematics Systems

Telematics Systems

The latest telematics systems have been a savior to the transport industry, based on the most recent studies. A high number of fleet owners, whose companies have telematics systems in place, have registered their gratification with the performance of these systems. A look at the EyeRide website, one of the makers of an all-in-one telematics system, gives a detailed overview of what this system has to offer.

According to recent studies, fleet companies feel that they cannot dispense with these systems. But two central questions that linger with manufacturers of telematics systems is, why aren’t all fleet management organizations applying this system? Also, what can be done to improve or maintain the current sellout rate of 13% on average?


Based on the findings of C.J. Driscoll & Associates, approximately two-thirds of the interviewed fleet companies use a telematics system. One primary finding from this research was that larger fleets are using telematics systems more, compared to their smaller counterparts.

Economic advantages of telematics

A significant fraction of fleet operations managers attested that they had recouped the cash they had originally invested in the systems. This was discovered in the Driscoll report. However, there is no assured time in which a fleet company can recoup or start seeing profits after installing the telematics systems in their vehicles.

The main conclusion is that recouping expenses incurred, mainly depends on the fleet size and the amenities the vehicles provide.

Hurdles faced when introducing telematic systems

According to the Driscoll survey, 23% fleet operators who had installed telematics systems had faced challenges in synchronizing the system’s installation in their vehicles. Drawbacks in training staff on the use of these systems were reported at 12%, while 6% of fleet operators said that their drivers and other supporting employees at large were not willing to accept the systems.

General approval of fleet tracking and diagnostic systems

The Driscoll report found that 39% of the surveyed management companies were utterly contented with the tracking and diagnostic systems. Most of those were owners that have a lot vehicles in their fleet. 40% were reportedly not very pleased with the systems.

Other developments

Another noticeable trait is that use of video cameras keeping watch of the driver’s behavior on the road is on the rise.

Out of the surveyed fleets, only 19% of those use systems with cameras. More fleets are using cameras, and this is especially true for those in certain sectors such as public transport, trucking, and government departments, to name a few.

Final remarks

Be it a small, medium or largely sized fleet, telematics systems are critical. Apart from helping managers recognize good drivers from those who require more training, it is a good system to keep watch over your fleet and collect important data that can be used to improve all the involved processes. Telematics systems have the capability to improve the safety of your vehicles while boosting financial returns by cutting down on general expenses.

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Drake Just Broke The Internet With Random Acts Of Kindness in ‘God’s Plan’… (VIDEO)

Newsflash! Drake has officially won 2018 and the year just got started!

The popular entertainer broke the internet today with the release of the video for “God’s Plan.”

Drake graciously gave away the million dollar budget allocated for the video on several random acts of kindness around the Miami area and the video showcases several clips of his good deeds.

Video below: (more…)

Straight From The A [SFTA] - Atlanta Entertainment Industry Gossip & News

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2Pac Released His Second Album 25 Years Ago Today

2Pac Releases Second Album 25 Years Ago Today

It’s crazy seeing how time flies by extremely fast. 2Pac released Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z 25 years ago today and man it had its share of controversy. Holler If Ya Hear Me was his first single and it was released almost three weeks before the album dropped. The video depicted a cop getting killed at the end and several politicians wanted his album banned. All they did was give Pac some free promotion as he was mentioned on the TV all the time and by numerous Senators. The reason why he targeted cops was he was beaten by Oakland policemen and afterwards, he shot two off-duty Atlanta cops. Holler If Ya Hear Me was a continuation of 2Pac expressing his political ad social views like he did on 2Pacalypse Now. The album featured Ice Cube, Ice-T, Treach, Digital Underground and many more.

After 2Pac dropped the controversial Holler If Ya Hear Me, he went into straight party mode. I Get Around was released in June and it was one of the party anthems for the summer. I Get Around featured the crew that put him on and that’s Digital Underground. Throughout the summer, you couldn’t turn on the radio or any video station without hearing this track. The track spent 25 weeks on the charts and is considered an all-time classic hip hop record. The video for I Get Around can be viewed below!

I Get Around was still doing well on the charts, but he decided to drop another single from the album. Keep Ya Head Up was released at the end of October and let’s say this showed another side of 2Pac. While I Get Around was well-received, Keep Ya Head Up was his breakout track. As we all know, this is the track that Pac dedicated to all the ladies and it featured Dave Hollister. This track is also viewed, not only as the one of the best hip hop tracks, but cuts, period. The video features Jada Pinkett and the lady that the guys were trying to holler at. This is one of my all-time favorite tracks and you can view the video below.

About a month before the one-year anniversary of the album, 2Pac released another single. Papa’z Song was released in the middle of January of 1994 and he talked about dads not being in their child’s life. This track hits pretty hard because there are so many fathers are absent in their kids’ life. The video features his brother, Mopreme and Vivica A. Fox. Check out Papa’z Song below!

Overall, this is a dope album from Pac and this made me a bigger fan of his. Besides the singles, Last Wordz, Souljah’s Revenge, Guess Who’s Back, Representin ’93, 5 Deadly Venomz, The Streetz R Death Row and the title track are my favorite joints. If you’re a Pac head or someone who loves hip hop, this album should be in your collection. Check out the stream for the Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z album below.

Where are my hip hop fans? Where are all my 2Pac fans? Did you know that Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z was released 25 years ago today? What’s your favorite track off the album? Leave a comment below.

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