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Wait… What?!? Kevin Hart’s Side Chick Claims She’s A ‘Victim’ in Hart’s Cheating/Extortion Scandal… (VIDEO)

Kevin Hart’s cheating scandal has now taken a life of it’s own.

The popular comedian issued a public apology online after someone threaten to leak a video of him cheating on pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish(click HERE if you missed that) .

On Wednesday, Montia Sabbag, the woman at the center of the sex/extortion video scandal held a press conference with her attorney Lisa Bloom to dispute that she’s behind it all and actually says that she’s ‘a victim’ in the situation.

Video below… (more…)

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Boil The Frog Spotify

What's so good?

Boil The Frog, in conjunction with Spotify, is the perfect way to fool your friends into liking your style of music. Really though, you could get a friend who loves Bon Iver, to listen to a cohesive playlist that ends with Joey Bada$$, or maybe take them from Kings Of Convenience to Lana Del Rey. 'What sorcery is this?' you may ask. We'll reveal the magic and hand over the wand.


How Boil The Frog Works

After accessing the app, plug in two artist names (e.g. Migos; Marilyn Manson) and click 'boil the frog.' In turn, this creates a playlist which takes you from the one artist to the other, through a series of other artists' songs in a seamless flow. If the playlist isn't up to scratch, Boil the Frog allows you to skip certain songs by clicking 'bypass,' and if you'd prefer a different track by the same artist you can simply click 'new track.' At the very end there is an option to connect your Spotify account to Boil The Frog and save the playlists. 

That's the nitty gritty of the app, the interesting part comes in with the algorithm. Using Echo Nest's artist similarity, an artist similarity graph of about 100,000 popular artists is built and used to navigate a path between two artists. And as they've so brilliantly explained, 'if you start and end with a popular artist, you are more likely to find a path that takes you though other popular artists, and if you start with a long-tail artist you will likely find a path through other long-tail artists.'

Who Created Boil The Frog

Boil The Frog was built by Paul Lamere, who is naturally pretty chuffed about the uptake of his app.


If you want to check it out, click here

Now that that's all covered, make way for shameless self-promotion: follow us on Spotify for the best of indie music. 

Image Source: Pixabay

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