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2016 Grammy Nominations

You know the noms by now, but here’s some added commentary with my biggest takeaway is seeing all the Chance love. It’s definitely deserved as first and foremost, the content is great and he’s leading some real change in the community. The latter may not matter for Grammys, per se, but I think it can’t be ignored for Chance’s presence as an artist and in the culture. As such, it’s also helped his brand locally and explode nationally too. My sense of the ever increasing Chance buzz these past two years is that of the Hollywood “it” actor… how he can do no wrong and how you’d be hard pressed to find someone who disagrees.

That wave may eventually come down a little, but not anytime soon. And with Chance already showing the depth and versatility in his music, he’ll be here to stay unlike what may comes to mind in the Hollywood “it” actor analogy.

Alas, Chance is nominated 7 times (Drake and Kanye: 8 and Beyonce leading all artists with 9.)

I’ve been wrong before but I can see the narratives already. Chance has a strong album and mainstream impact with Coloring Book. Drake has done crazy numbers with Views but critics seem at a consensus that it’s not his best album. Ditto for Kanye. And though it’s cool to see De La Soul nominated, as much as it’s cringeworthy that DJ Khaled does as much actual rapping as I do but he’s nominated, I see this Best Rap Album category going to Chance. The Grammy lyric inspiring the inclusion of digital albums only adds to the narrative.

Mark him down for Best New Artist but if anyone other than Chance or Anderson .Paak wins then we may have an uproar equivalent of Macklemore over Kendrick.

As for the individual song awards… I’m just rooting for Ultralight Beam over everything. Probably one of the most moving songs, for me, this year.

And the granddaddy of ’em all: Album of the Year? Well, first… what I tweeted.

And second… Beyonce? Beyonce’s my wager in Vegas, but I can see it going to any of the four superstars as I google Sturgill Simpson at the same time.

I’ll leave you with the full nominee list via Questlove, who got the conversation going back to artists like Frank Ocean not submitting…

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Andrew Judah – Through You

Sounds like: Gigamesh, RAC, Kentron Slash Demon

Song: Andrew Judah - Through You

What's so good?

If I heard this song on the radio, I'd of never guessed it was written by Andrew Judah, known more for his orchestral indie rock than bumpin' electro beats with vocoded vox. But I guess if it works for everyone else, Andrew's gonna show 'em how it's done. AJ is one of Western Canada's best up and coming producer/singer/songwriters, who also puts on a killer live show I might add, that usually skews a little more rock-y than this latest single. Though it might not fit comfortably in his setlist, it will definitely fit on your winter playlist.  You can find another two tracks along with this on his Bandcamp (from his latest EP). He's been (amazingly) releasing one a month since the summer, this being the penultimate one and number five. The rest of the Metanoia EPs are worthy of your attention, so make sure to check them out.

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Rec Riddles and Ackurate speak of the Wrath of a Menace

By xplizitsouljah Word Is Bond


Rec Riddles alongside his frequent collaborator Ackurate come together to give us a visual in Wrath of a Menace. They provide street imagery mashed together with sophisticated cool for this new music video. Wrath of a Menace is off Rec Riddles debut album, Brilliant but Disturbed. Great beat, ill lyrics, serene location and chess says much of the video which basically draws you in to the material at hand. This is one to replay as much as is possible.

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Wale “Folarin Like”

Wale keeps the momentum going from “Groundhog Day” and the back and forth riff with J. Cole by taking on the DJ Premier produced classic “Nas Is Like”. I was in from the awesome Yogi references as he nods to Yogi Berra of course, and also Yogi Ferrell. Fellow hoops heads appreciate that no doubt. Listen to the strong set of rhymes below as Wale preps his next album, S.H.I.N.E. (Still Here Ignoring Negative Energy), for 2017.

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The Weeknd “Airport (Demo)” samples Radiohead

A new leak from The Weeknd has hit the web and to add to the intrigue, it samples Radiohead’s “All I Need”. That sound is already badass and The Weeknd seemingly would make it better. We get to hear for sure after the three minute mark, and it does sound good, but the vocals are mixed at too poor a quality to fully get into it. Would love to hear a full studio version of this if possible, but for now I’ll just put on Starboy for the umpteenth time.

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